natural light interfereFrom how we have made my home, too, depends on the efficiency of the used energy. With proper arrangement, we are saving energy without compromising on comfort. We don’t often do repairs, we arrange the furniture or hanging lamps, so it’s important to do it right immediately.

*** To improve natural lighting in the room complete finishing walls and ceilings light colors . This is especially important in areas where sunlight falls a little. This room will become lighter because light walls reflect 70 to 80% of the light and the dark is only 10 — 15%. In such rooms usually face the North or the ingress of natural light interfere with nearby buildings, trees, etc.

*** Modern apartments are effectively equipped with a combined lighting . All artificial lighting in our homes can be divided into General and local. General lighting is designed for uniform illumination of the room, usually in our homes this role performs chandelier. It hangs in the center of the room and is a powerful lamp to illuminate every corner, but it is not always possible. It turns out that in the center of the room light is too bright, and in the far corners of the room inadequate. To do this, and is local coverage. In our apartments this sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. They then had to arrange and hang out so that the places where the chandelier lights are not enough, they were lit separately. Power chandelier can be considered sufficient if on 1 m2 area accounts for 15 — 25 watt incandescent lamps (fluorescent power, including energy-saving lamps, is 5 times smaller). For local lighting lamps are suitable in 1,5 — 2 times less powerful than in hanging lamps. The combination of General and local lighting and is called combined. What it gives us? The room is lit evenly. We already do not need too powerful a chandelier. It is possible to illuminate only the area of the room that we need, and where not needed – turn off. The apartment is cozy and comfortable. As a result of the combined lighting device in a room of 18 — 20 m2 save up to 200 kWh per year.

*** Convenient and beneficial equipment for Your home the dimmers . They allow you to smoothly adjust the lighting in the room. Dimmer, as the name implies (it’s also called dimmer) can smoothly adjust the level of lighting in the room. If the room is too bright lighting – it can reduce and even save electricity. Dimmer switches are manual and automatic.

*** We also recommend you use a different system of automatic lighting control . These systems are able to independently enable and disable lighting or even change its intensity depending on the given scenario using sensors that respond to light, sound or movement.

***** If possible, give preference to fluorescent lighting . There are now compact fluorescent lamps (also called energy saving). They are economical as well as the known tubular fluorescent lamps, but do not require special fixtures because almost always suitable for installation in a conventional cartridge for conventional incandescent lamps. Meanwhile fluorescent lighting is more economical lighting incandescent bulbs about 5 times.

*** When the alteration of the wiring in the house ask the experts to assemble a wiring diagram so that the overall lighting in the room can be included, not all at once . but separately, with a few switches, i.e. groups. Then the light can be included only in the part of the room where it is needed at this time and disconnected in the same room where this time it is not needed. Either on your chandelier you can not include all the bulbs at once, and as much as you need now for comfortable lighting.

*** No need for excessive lighting of those areas where you are infrequently and do not perform any work that requires bright light: corridors, toilets, bathrooms, utility room. Enough to use the lamp, the glowing power of 20-30 W per 1 m2 (power energy efficient lamp is 5 times smaller).It is free to calculate an acceptable level of comfort in these spaces and technical characteristics of lighting You can in our Center