your homeIn Transcarpathia prefer more comfortable to set up your home

One of the characteristics of Transcarpathians always been a love of his own apartment. To build a home and as comfortable as possible to arrange for many of us it is much more important than a vacation to a luxurious resort or real estate in Crimea. Therefore, rental housing, which does not want a good half of the planet, for local resident — only a temporary option. Let there what to. Which, I guess, Transcarpathian real estate market will develop in the region under any conditions. Another thing — how intensively. About this “news of Transcarpathia” and tried to ask the leading edge of realtors.

In Transcarpathia, property prices remain at the 2010 level

The situation on the real estate market — stable. This opinion is shared by most experts in this field. Like, this period, so that nothing is bought or sold. After all, who wants to improve their living conditions, someone moves to another area or city, and some luck finally buy your first apartment. So the prices, in principle, stay at the level of 2010 — but with a slight reduction in price in just a few cent. However, real estate Agency Ufa offer a good apartment at reasonable money, although now to find still difficult. As before, the price of an apartment in the secondary market — their, first, less, and secondly, they are still available, when it comes to their value. In the regional center such housing costs an average of 700-750 dollars per square meter. All promonitoriv ads, proved that people are willing to sell one of 16 thousand dollars (renovation and repair) and up to 40 thousand. Two, if you believe them, are kept in the price range from 27 thousand conventional units (“separate”) and even up to 70 thousand. Although more total units — yet for 35-45 thousand dollars.

3 and 4-bedroom apartments, in the calculation of the per square meter cost about 100 dollars cheaper.

As for the “blocks”, they, according to Tatyana Cause, is not so interested buyer. People better to add a few thousand, what will be crowded into small rooms.