Furniture-Clei transformableIn our days requires residential square meters. By purchasing an apartment, we buy own living space, which will build their future. And it not mere words!

Having bought the apartment, we start to furnish, reducing the available residential meters. And that’s perfectly fine, because we can’t live without cabinets, chairs and tables, cabinets and sofas, all kinds of beds. But sometimes you want to have these much needed elements of our life simply disappeared when they lost the need.

And you wonder you think this is impossible! Now there are many furniture manufacturers-transformers. Online store Stanley selling furniture Clei. will allow you to save the size of his apartment.

The shop has a range of beds-cabinets – providing a place to sleep at night, they do not occupy any place in the afternoon, if you put them in the closet. Normal the day bed in the apartment is worth a dead weight, taking up the space that could successfully perform many other much more useful function is as a place for gaming and entertainment or to be a dance floor. The free space will always find a use!

In the unfolded state this furniture is comfortable, soft bed that is used for its intended purpose. But it remains so only until the moment when the time comes to lift – then bed frame easily folds up and retracts into the Cabinet.

Depending on the purchased model, the transformer may contain additional items of furniture – wardrobes, sets of shelves. Of course, they don’t just fold up and not disappear and just be with Cabinet-bed full furniture complex. He can stand and not in the bedroom, and to complement the Central room, just giving the opportunity to make it a place to sleep. The bedroom will be equipped at its discretion, to make her anything – from the home Studio to the training hall. However, where the bed – the bedroom!

Also in the company Stanley you can buy stylish kitchen table that can complement the decor of any kitchen. In her normal state he fits perfectly into the space of the room, but can be folded down, depending on the model purchased, either by going into the control panel that is built into the wall, or becoming a regular Board.