additional roomThank You Francois Mansart! The architect who first decided to convert the attic space under the roof in residential! Incidentally, the first known attic was made in the Royal castle in Blois. The Queen of us, of course, far away. But anyone with your house can intelligently use the space under the roof, not to clutter up his old things. This is a great solution to the problem of additional dwelling.

The main problems for beautification


As a rule, in attic spaces 2 vertical Windows front and rear. But the room still dark. To solve the problem with the lighting in the daytime, is to make 2 horizontal Windows in the roof at an angle of 45°. Many this sort of restructuring during the repair of the roof. One of the vertical Windows can be rebuilt in a balcony or on the stairs leading from the loft to the street. Around the perimeter of the attic need to hang sconces, put the lamps to provide adequate light in the dark. Because of the light from the lamps attached to the ceiling will not be enough. The curves of the roof will cast shadows. Floor lamps and sconces, set forth below, will contribute to the alignment of light in all corners of the room.


If the attic is used only in the warmer months, insulated overlap. Decided to turn the attic into the living room for the winter time? Have to insulate the whole roof. As a rule, is used for this lining and foam thickness 8 cm If you do not take care of the insulation of the roof, in the summer there will be unbearably hot and winter very cold. In winter in the attic was a comfortable temperature, it is necessary that the attic from the first floor went out the open hatch. The steam from the furnace will rise up and through the hatch into the room. Be sure to provide ventilation. Not to plug a gap in the ledge. Above the ceiling under the roof ridge should also be a hole for ventilation. The perfect solution — cutting in this location in the window.

Cozy in the attic — it’s possible Some worry that in the attic uncomfortable. But the photos prove otherwise. On oblique window it is possible to hang the curtains. However, have to fix the window sill, as in the photo. This can be done if you join a small sills cornices. For this purpose suitable and conventional curtain rods for the curtains in the bathroom. The curtains should be long enough to throw over the ledge.

It is most convenient to place in the attic nursery. Horizontal window gives you 2 times more light than vertical. Child’s vision will be normal. Growth in children is small, so the bevels of the attic not bothering to move. Only there if you are equipping a nursery, try to build a safe ladder. Foreigners have realized long ago: a room that does not fit in the house, no problem can be equipped in the attic. Out of the attic, make a great living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. It is time for us to learn from this design experience.

The insulation does not get wet from dampness, place vapor barrier sheeting in places where you plan to lay the insulation. This film is mounted on the inside of the building. The vapor barrier should go in front of the heater. After him — wall paneling. Especially carefully it is applied vapor barrier film under the ceiling in an unheated niche.


Many people try to make on the territory of the attic one rectangular room. But because of this desire to align the wall to a perfect rectangle and concealed most of the space of the attic. Its charm is in the absence of direct ceiling and bevels. If not to turn inside walls into a rectangle, room for more. You will get a spacious room. The only drawback: not all parts can be straightened to his full height. But in houses, as a rule, the most important is the availability of extra beds for sudden guests. And attic cope with this task perfectly.