interior design kitchen Kitchen Feng Shui-10 important tips for interior design kitchen

The design of the kitchen according to Feng Shui. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the kitchen represents health, wealth and abundance. The interior of the kitchen, food preparation and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen is an important way of showing how we care for ourselves and our loved ones.

If you decide to equip your home using the principles of Feng Shui, one should start with food, since food is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, creating and decorating your kitchen in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui, you contribute to your prosperity and health. Feng Shui is a rather complex doctrine and tips are usually given a specific house and people living in it. But despite this, there are basic principles applicable to the arrangement of any kitchen.

The location of the kitchen. Not always the location of the kitchen depends on us. Better if the kitchen is not visible from the doorstep of your apartment and is located opposite the entrance door, Feng Shui is not good value for the price to come look at the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, because of this wealth will be easily out of the house, in addition, this arrangement encourages the inhabitants of the house eat and chew all the time, incessantly.

Don’t panic, if the kitchen is still visible from the main entrance of the house. You can reduce the negative impact of this arrangement: always keep the kitchen door closed. If the door is missing, you can hang beautiful curtains, beaded curtains or Drapes-the threads on the kitchen door. Can be placed indoors something bright and distracting view from the kitchen, for example, a painting or any other decorative object, so that when you enter the house glance fell first of all on this subject and not to the kitchen. To correct the situation will help also “music of wind” above the kitchen door.

Good Feng Shui kitchen is not conducive to the protrusions and the height difference: professional Feng Shui does not suggest that you divide the kitchen into zones with different levels of floors, catwalks, steps, and ceiling beams and ledges.

The perfect kitchen according to Feng Shui is on par with other rooms, and, above all, with the dining room.

In the kitchen and in other rooms of the house should not store bulky or heavy items over your head. This causes a strong subconscious feeling of anxiety and psychological discomfort. Planning a kitchen design, it is important to provide the right place for massive storage of kitchen utensils, so it was not over his head or where you sit.

Not recommended for use in the kitchen mirror tiles or small features with reflecting effect. They break into fragments a person’s reflection, and thus can be “broken” life.

The colour palette. The kitchen is not welcomed much red. While decorating the kitchen is not too overdo this color – it can provoke disputes and quarrels. If you often quarrel with loved ones is in the kitchen, look around – maybe to blame the color of the walls.

It is best to use in the kitchen bright colors and cool colors: white, green, light beige, light yellow, light brown, blue. If you prefer furniture with bright colors, must balance her calm colors of the walls and the decor.

Fluorescent light is not suitable for all rooms of the house, it adversely affects the eyes and nervous system, which may contribute to increased blood pressure, intraocular pressure and headaches. If you are in the kitchen only fluorescent light, add at least one lamp day light. Better if the kitchen and in the house there are normal bulbs, lamps, chandeliers daylight.

Kitchen inside. The stove should not stand near a window, since the heat plate, according to Feng Shui, represents prosperity and wealth. You don’t want your wealth departed in the window?