Falcon mountainLandscape design of a country house according to Feng Shui. (example of a country residence “Falcon mountain”)

There is nobody not a secret that to live in the countryside outside the city is good for health, but nowadays it has also become fashionable and prestigious. Rural property Chelyabinsk increasingly gaining momentum and represents a diverse country towns for every taste. Because the nature of the Urals are rich in beautiful and scenic places.

Probably most people dream of having your vacation home, keep it in the farm, take care of the territory, Refine it, and this should do after purchasing a country house or apartments with individual land plot.

After all, to achieve peace of mind, you need to set up your home both inside and outside. But in order to achieve complete harmony with nature and yourself, you need to rebuild not only your own country house, but also pay attention to the overall improvement in a country village, where you will live.

On the example of a country residence “Falcon mountain” we’ll show you how to organize the space around us to live in harmony with nature.

And to live in harmony with nature is the most important rule of Feng Shui. We are inextricably linked with the environment and our surroundings helped us, gave mental strength, peace and tranquility, you need to elevate your garden of a country house or land property.

(photo: apartments land “Falcon mountain”)

An important element in the construction of a country house are plants.

Can be planted flowerbeds, trees. Read what plants are right for you, your sign or your name. Such plants will have a maximum positive impact. For example, if your sign is Leo, then you can plant plants such as rose, Camellia, Mimosa, Calla and others, but if you name, for example, Anna, it is possible to plant a mountain ash, pink Aster or blueberries.

It is important that the plants were healthy, grew well, if the plant withers survives or not it should be removed. In country residence “Falcon mountain” is Central to the vegetation and flower beds are located in the most Central places. In “Falcon hill” there are more than 50 species of plants. This pine and spruce, juniper and barberry, lindens and maples, and many others.

(photo: flowers planted in the flower bed in country residence “Falcon mountain”)

A great element will be winding trail – it is a symbol of good luck, but avoid straight lines and sharp curves, it is important that the lines were soft and graceful. The track can be lined with any material, it is best if she is tortuous. In country residence “Falcon mountain” there’s a lot of climbing tracks, one of them passes through a picturesque Park in the pine forest. Walking along it, you feel a surge of strength and energy.

Surrounded by country houses, in the neighbourhood of the plants should be water. It can be a small artificial pond, waterfall or fountain. Water will greet you every day her murmur that Feng Shui is considered an auspicious sound. Country residence “Falcon mountain” is located near the river, which in itself creates a positive energy.

Feng Shui is also a pleasant sound “music of wind”, which is obtained as a result of the swing of the wind peculiar tools. In country residence “Falcon mountain” such instruments are hung around the perimeter of the Park, from which we can hear the pleasant sounds of “music of wind”.

(photo: a musical instrument in the singing forest country residence “Falcon mountain”)

If your vacation home is visited by birds is very good. Birdsong has a positive effect on the body, gives peace.

The presence in the surrounding space of the various elements bearing the symbolic value would have a beneficial impact. So, for example, bamboo is a symbol of moral purity, and of pine, rustic residence “Falcon mountain” set, are a symbol of nobility.

The science of Feng Shui it is considered auspicious to place heavy statues or sculptures of animals, whether dragon or owl, or other animals, they block negative energy and protect your home. In country residence “Falcon mountain” is a large statue of a Falcon. In addition, it repels unwanted energy, it is still a symbol of success.

In any case, the space around your holiday home must have for you and your family special. The environment should bring you positive energy and good feelings.

What could be better than after a busy day return to your beautiful, cosy country house, surrounded by beautiful nature. The main thing is that you feel comfortable where you live.