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“If you care about your house Where you are a Russian was brought up Under timbered ceiling Where you are in the cradle rocking, floated; If the roads in your house that You wall oven and corners, grandfather, great-Grandfather and father. In it ishozhennye floors.” Konstantin Simonov.

His house, a house built by your parents, where you grew up, became stronger, growing up. The house that you love, without which it can not represent themselves. The house in which your children were born, where everything is so good and clear.

How to make it even better, more beautiful, more desirable. The house starts from the yard, the pride of every economy is the design of the infield of a private home, is to listen carefully to the clean-up of this space.

Let’s try to divide the yard into sections, it can be outbuildings, Playground for children, recreation, garden and orchard. After consulting with family, to identify areas that are of interest to all residents of your home, and outline the work plan. The areas selected should be in harmony and complement each other. And the house itself was well blended into the overall architecture. For example, if you have a modern house, and the representation must be clear, geometrically correct lines, the zones are divided into rectangular plots, clearly in its functional characteristics.

If your house is in rustic style, you’ll like yard that is closer to nature, without correct geometric shapes.

Outbuildings, without them it is very difficult and therefore try to make them interesting or hide them behind decorative walls of living plants.

Playground for young children, may not be large, without complex structures, for games they have enough green lawn, sandbox. For older children desirable swings, slides, a tent or cabin, paths for Cycling. It is desirable to have constant control over this site, you need to provide that from the Windows she could be seen clearly.

Necessary to pay attention to the garden and the kitchen garden, it must be organized so that the beds would neither spoil, the overall architectural design, and Apple, cherry, plum created its charm in the organization area of the garden.

Recreational facilities include a terrace, gazebo, summer kitchen, BBQ, artificial ponds, benches that come in the shade of the trees, it gives a rustic home appeal, creates comfort.

It is necessary to position them on site and equipped with the required equipment. Rest areas should be positioned so that they were well lit, not Abdujalil winds, and in the heat it would be somewhere to shelter from the scorching sun.

Areas of rest at your house can be quite a rock garden with a fountain, the rosary or the green lawn. You can also organize the space by means of an external furniture.

From traffic, neighbors plot better be separated by a fence. You can use natural stone, brick, concrete panel. These fences can be green perennial climbing plants.

Awnings and garden umbrellas can help from the sun, and properly planted trees will solve the problem with the shading in the recreation area.

Creating the design of the site, remember that you are doing it for themselves and those who live next to you.