Having equippedequip — EQUIP, Oyu, Oishi; military; owls. what. Having equipped, ready for operation (2 Val.), and generally tidy. O. the factory. Explanatory dictionary Ozhegova. S. I. Ozhegov, N. Yu. Shvedova. 1949 1992 … Explanatory dictionary Ozhegova

to arrange — (I), alustra/ivaya(camping), Weese(CR), are(to be) … Spelling dictionary of the Russian language

equip — ALUSTRA/see DEVELOP Austro/’it Encyclopedic dictionary …

to arrange — see to equip; Ayu, AESI; NCW … Dictionary of many expressions

Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn, Solzhenitsyn Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Solzhenitsyn in 1994 after returning to Russia birth Name: Alexander Solzhenitsyn birth date … Wikipedia

GERMANY. SOCIETY AND the West German and East German society, in essence, was a society of consumption. although developed in different ways. More than 90% of German households in the West and the East had a washing machine and TV, about 80% of… … encyclopedia Collier

In order to build — nesov. TRANS. Accel. 1. To build around something; to build up any space. 2. Perrin. To equip, to establish. Explanatory dictionary Ephraim. T. F. Efremova. 2000 … Modern explanatory dictionary of the Russian language Ephraim

EQUIP — EQUIP, Oyu, Oishi; military; Sauveur. what. Having equipped, ready for operation (2 Val.), and generally tidy. O. the factory. | under. to equip, Ayu, AESI. | things. the arrangement, and, Ms. O. oil wells. O.… … Explanatory dictionary Ozhegova

Germany — Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), GOS in to the Center. Europe. Germany (Germania) as territory, inhabited the Germanic, tribes, first mentioned by Piteam from Massalia in the IV century B. C. Later the name Germany was used to refer to Rome.… … Geographical encyclopedia

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city, Sakhalin region C was Founded in 1882 as the village Vladimirovka. The name from the personal name Vladimir, belonged to the local ruler hard labour. During the stay in part of Japan became a town, ADM. center South. Sakhalin and was called a Geographical encyclopedia …


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