My home is my castleSure, everyone wants to see their home cozy, stylish, comfortable. So sooner or later most of us are thinking of changing design or interior. That’s just what us – a question to which not everyone is prepared to give an answer. In choosing the interior will help astrological horoscope.

Aries is one of the most impulsive signs of the Zodiac, and as soon as he got the extra penny, he’s spending it right and left. So once and for all to set up your home Aries is hard enough: don’t have the patience and funds. Therefore, the situation in the house is quite eclectic. But since Aries has the taste and imagination, all the things separately it picks up well. Its major objective is to create a single ensemble, resolved in one key. Most Aries would fit the Provencal style is glamorous and elegant, but without the snobbery that Aries can not stand. It assumes the existence of natural wood furniture, the Wallpaper in the small flower, wrought iron items and a lot of things a La French village: pillows, tablecloths, napkins, curtains with ruffles, etc.

Country house – a dream come true. In the city of Taurus is trying to find a green area with garden and Park. In the house is important to him is soothing, but very good atmosphere. His needs best meets classic style. For the interior in a style typical of the restrained decor and high-quality expensive materials (natural wood, stone, silk, etc.). The color of the interior in the style of classicism is a calm and gentle tone, a combination of light pastel — creamy, pale yellow, slightly greenish walls with warm brown tones of noble wood flooring and furniture.

Often refers to the interior because. It is more important that the apartment was in the city: Gemini – born citizens. They are completely satisfied with urban noise, hubbub, hullabaloo. Preferred styles: colonial, ethnic, loft. But more suited to the minimalist – spacious interior with a minimum of parts and furniture, which is characterized by simplicity of form and the almost complete absence of decorative elements. Planning often involves the division of the room, so the apartment is the best option home for the Twins. The color palette is restrained, based on the play tones. White color, often in contrast with black or gray, fully would suit Twins.

Home Cancer would not mind to have more real estate – country house, cottage, apartment, penthouse, etc. So all his strength he usually throws on the acquisition of immovable property. Settle down “shell” of Cancer usually invites graphic designers, because of the coziness and harmony in the house above all else. Its the perfect choice – modernism, combining everything new and advanced. Modernism involves the use of the most modern developments in architecture and interior design. Welcome the inclusion in the interior of such materials as metal, glass, plastic. The style is also characterized by the precise geometry of space and at the same time, it’s bold experiments with color and form, as well as practicality and convenience.