according to Feng ShuiHow to build an apartment according to Feng Shui

Now more than half the world’s population live in apartments. So now it became especially important to use Feng Shui apartment. Since correct Feng Shui of the apartment can help eliminate you from the depression, the acquisition of good health and family well-being. But the Feng Shui of an apartment, does not obey the rules of Feng Shui, in the best cases, generally does not affect its owner. In the worst cases, these Feng Shui apartment can attract pathogenic and lethal energy Sha. That is why Feng Shui apartment you need to do it correctly.

Feng Shui door.

Feng Shui of an apartment should begin with Feng Shui door. Because of Feng Shui door greeted us at the entrance to the house. If your apartment is not located on the ground floor, then you need to Wallpaper Feng Shui to hang wind chimes. As Feng Shui of an apartment, the floors of which are located above the first, placed in the air, these Feng Shui of the apartment exposed to Yang energy.

Tenants of the first floor of the Feng Shui of an apartment feel more Yin energy. Since the Foundation of Feng Shui of the apartment is the ground. Feng Shui door is recommended to decorate air bells, thus you will be able to dissipate the energy of Yang, and most important, protect your home from harmful influence of negative energy Sha. Therefore, residents of the first floor of the Feng Shui of an apartment, too, can use the air bells.

It is advisable to Feng Shui the door opened inside the house. Then the positive Qi energy will go into the house, in the opposite case, it will withdraw from them. However, it is important not to let in your house with the energy of Qi and pathogenic energy Sha. This, again, will help Chinese bells.

On either side of Feng Shui door at the Wallpaper Feng Shui can be pasted image of the Chinese gods-defenders of the hearth. They like the bells will not let harmful energy flows Sha. Optionally, near Feng Shui door and Windows can be placed and figurines of animals, which will also protect your home. In this case, it is best to give preference to the statues of the winged dragons.

Under the rug near the Feng Shui door, you can put pre interconnected red ribbon Chinese coins. They will bring luck and financial support of your family budget. To help increase your budget and will help Chinese money tree. This tree consists of small coins. It will symbolize a stable family income.

If your hallway is a dark straight corridor, on which hung Wallpaper Feng Shui, it is in the middle of it so you can hang Chinese air bells. It is desirable that air bells were made of metal, such as Chinese bells will be cast out of the Sha energy and evenly disperse around the house Chi. With the same purpose and you can use fresh flowers. It is live and not fresh cut. After all, fresh cut flowers have a dead energy.

To expand the space you can use the mirror. It should not be visible when entering the house. Since the positive Qi energy living in the apartment will be redirected from Feng Shui apartment on the street. The Wallpaper of Feng Shui have close contact with the mirror. Otherwise the Qi energy will dissipate from the house.

Wallpapers Feng Shui in the corridor should be bright and cheerful. Thereby you reduce the impact on this room “Yin” energy and balance it with Yang energy.


It is better that a study was designed in the Yang style. Since this energy invigorates and tones. Therefore, in this study you will be much less likely to get tired. In order to settle in your office Yang energy you need Wallpaper Feng Shui. Just like in the hallway and put on the Windows live plants and active objects. Such as air bells or aquarium. Would love to hang out in the office at the Wallpaper Feng Shui paintings depicting landscapes.

The bedroom should be situated away from the toilet and bathroom. Because, despite the fact that the doors to these rooms closed, the negative Sha energy still enters the house. It is not desirable bedroom positioned near the pantry. As stagnant Qi energy, which there is formed, you don’t need!

The bedroom should be decorated in “Yin” colours. For this purpose it is necessary not to use bright lighting and bright Wallpaper Feng Shui. The same should be removed from bedrooms Newspapers, TV, fish tank and even air bells. Since these things will inspire active Yang energy and drive quiet Yin energy. Not worth it to put here and live plants, as they also generate Yang energy. The perfect solution is to hang up on Feng Shui Wallpaper pattern in a rectangular frame.

But the interior of the kitchen should be designed in a “Yang” tones. Since morning alertness and activity you will be. So feel free to stick the Wallpaper Feng Shui bright colors and place the plants on the window sills. However, air bells in the kitchen will still be superfluous.

In the kitchen you can put a bunch of onions, garlic and red pepper. These ligaments deter pathogenic energy Sha.