arrangement of plots providedExempts Petrozavodsk can’t use “free” land from the city hall

The arrangement of plots provided for the disabled and large families of the Karelian capital, is estimated in millions roubles.

The problems faced by the beneficiaries, after receiving free land, became a topic of discussion at a roundtable organized by the regional branch of the Russian popular front. The community asked for help from the representatives of three organizations: ANO “Special family” consumer society “Economy and organization assistance to the disabled in housing construction “Your home”.

According to activists, provided by the municipality in areas of Kukkovka-3, Lososinskaya highway, Fourth kilometer, as well as in the area of extension of the street University is not available for citizens. Lands are in the forest, often in swampy areas, no roads and driveways are not there. About the availability of engineering and of electrical networks is far from being.

So, citizens who received land in the street of the University, Prionezhsky network company proposed to conduct electricity for 3-4 million rubles from the site, and the PCB has demanded from 11 to 15 million from the site, according to onf. Under Federal law, the creation of infrastructure is the power of local authorities. But in the administration of Petrozavodsk activists of the popular front said that the money for the construction of utilities and roads to the plots provided preferential categories of citizens, the city’s budget no.

– Officials do not make any step toward us. In the administration of the disabled are given plots on lease for five years and say, “Take an axe and chop wood”. But we can’t even approach your site. For three years I. While the payment for the lease of land we take regularly, — said the round table onf the head of “Special family” rose Klyuchareva.

Representatives of the administration of Petrozavodsk, attended the meeting, tried to reassure disabled people that the lease of the site today can be extended to ten years. But that is little consolation for the disabled and large families, who for years cannot rearrange their plots.

– Officials knew since 2012 began to stand out plots. Why not in the budget of 2013 or 2014 or 2015 not a penny laid on the development of the plots? It is not a question of lack of money and lack of desire. In the administration don’t want us to hear, not want to work with us, — said the Chairman of the public organization “the house” Vadim Evseenko.

There is still hope for improving conditions there is only the future residents of Kuchkovki-3. This district was in the draft Federal target program of Karelia’s development for the period until 2020. To provide the land plots with engineering infrastructure for large families of the Republic, plans to allocate 2.5 billion.